Since Little Mountain Veterinary Clinic is not a 24 hour hospital, we treat most of our sick patients on an outpatient basis, with the exceptions of dogs with pancreatitis and male cats with a urinary blockage. Our patients which require additional pet services are referred to the emergency clinic in Huntersville that offers around the clock personal hands on care.

In-House Pet Services
(While You Wait)

Parvovirus tests for dogs

Microscopic fecal examinations


Blood work including:

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

Chemistry profile

Thyroid profile

Feline combination tests for:


Feline Leukemia

Feline aids

Canine combination tests for:


Lyme Tick-borne disease

Ehrlichia Tick-borne disease

Anaplasmosis Tick-borne disease


Puppy Vaccination Schedule

  • 3 Weeks – Deworm
  • 6 Weeks – DHPP, Fecal, (Deworm if positive)
  • 9 Weeks – DHPP, Fecal, Bordetella, introduce Advantage or Advantix K-9 as needed

After 2 negative fecals, Heartworm Preventative will be introduced.

  • 12 Weeks – DHPP, Rabies, Heartworm Preventative
  • 15 Weeks – DHPP, (with Lepto for large dogs), Heartworm Preventative
  • 18 Weeks – DHPP, (with Lepto for large dogs), 6 month supply of Heartworm Preventative
  • 6 Months – Spay or Neuter

Kitten Vaccination Schedule

  • 3 Weeks – Deworm
  • 6 Weeks – Fecal, FVRCP, Deworm
  • 9 Weeks – Feline Leukemia/Aids test, FVRCP, FELV (if test is negative), Fecal, Deworm, Introduce Advantage if needed, optional FIV Vaccine
  • 12 Weeks FVRCP, FELV, Rabies, start Heartworm Preventative
  • 15 Weeks Optional FIV Vaccine
  • 6 Months – Spay or Neuter