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April 24, 2013
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Imagine what would happen if you didn’t care for your teeth regularly.  The same basics of dental care can also apply to your pet’s teeth.

Periodontal disease is the most common form of disease in dogs and cats.  About 85% of dogs and cats have some form of this disease and become susceptible to the pain, bad breath, and tooth loss that can follow.  Chronic infections can spread to the heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys, where they can do even more damage.

The good news is that you can help prevent dental disease by following a few simple steps.  Adding Oxyfresh Oral Hygiene Solution to your pet’s drinking water, offering your pet C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Chews, and even brushing your pet’s teeth can all contribute to a beautiful, healthy set of teeth!


Add Oxyfresh Oral Hygiene Solution to Your Pet’s Water

This is certainly an easy step toward good dental health for your pet.  Just add 1 cap full per quart (or 4 caps full per gallon) to your pet’s drinking water.  Oxyfresh Oral Hygiene Solution (OHS) is tasteless and odorless, so your pet will readily accept it.  Oxygene (the active ingredient) goes to work destroying bacteria in the mouth and breaking down sulfur compounds that cause bad breath.  This reduces the amount of plaque and tartar that can lead to dental disease.  Clients at Little Mountain Veterinary Clinic report that the Oxyfresh is working when they stop using the product and notice the bad breath!

At Little Mountain Veterinary Clinic, we have two sizes of Oxyfresh OHS which will make either 4 or 16 gallons of the prepared solution.  Fresh breath is just a sip away!


Give C.E.T. Chews as a Daily Treat

At Little Mountain Veterinary Clinic, we have C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for all sizes of dogs.  These chews feature the exclusive Dual-Enzyme System, which has a natural antiseptic, plus an abrasive texture which works with the dog’s chewing action to reduce plaque and loosen tartar build-up.

*C.E.T. Chews should be given under supervision to avoid choking on small pieces.*


Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth


Daily brushing is the best way to maintain dental health.  The hardest part about brushing your pet’s teeth is making a habit out of it, and making it a pleasant experience.  Think of an activity your pet really enjoys such as going for a walk, playing fetch, or just a good belly rub!  Designate the time prior to the fun activity, “dental time.”

  1. For the first week or so, don’t worry about your pet’s teeth.  Just focus on gently massaging and rubbing all over your pet’s muzzle.  Get her/him used to you touching the mouth for just a few seconds then go do your fun activity.  Soon, your pet will realize that sitting still will result in something more positive and enjoyable. 
  2.  The next step is to lift the lip and touch a couple of teeth on each side of the mouth for a few seconds.  Reward your pet with the fun activity.
  3. Once your pet is used to step 2, then move your finger to make sure you get those back molars.  The majority of pets will develop most of their teeth in this area.  Make sure you get both sides! 
  4. The next step is to find a toothpaste your pet likes.  At LMVC, we have Oxyfresh Pet Gel, which is non-flavored and we also carry a poultry flavored toothpaste.  What about human toothpaste?  With a pet-specific toothpaste, there is no need to rinse after brushing and there is less foaming action, which your pet may find unpleasant.  You can purchase a baby toothbrush or use one of your old toothbrushes.

Whether you are adding Oxyfresh OHS to your pet’s drinking water, offering C.E.T. Chews, or even brushing your pet’s teeth, good dental care will add years to your pet’s life.  Just drop by Little Mountain Veterinary Clinic for your dental needs.

Dental Care01

Dental Care01

Oxyfresh Pet Gel (with Oxygene)


Oxyfresh Pet Gel is more than just a pet toothpaste!  It is a multi-functional product with many uses:

  • Helps to eliminate canker sores.
  • Relieves pain in teething babies.  Soothes gums.
  • Put gel around cuticle of toe and under the end of the nail and fungus is gone in a few days. (Soak feet in Cleansing Gel/water solution as well).
  • Great on athlete’s foot and other skin fungi.
  • Use a small layer along eyelash line to help speed healing of pink eye.
  • Use on acne outbreaks.
  • Good for cuts and scrapes- healing is apparent in less than 24 hours.
  • Keep in refrigerator for burns from cooking- apply immediately to prevent blistering and redness.
  • Good on curling iron burns.
  • Immediate relief from sunburns.
  • Helps to prevent and control poison ivy outbreaks- apply two to three times a day.
  • Good for removing cacti needles, especially the kind you can’t see, but can definitely feel.  Coat skin, let it dry, when you rinse, the needles are gone and so is the irritation.
  • Helps to stop itching and swelling from fire ants, mosquitoes, other insect bites, and stinging nettles.
  • Can be used as a styling gel…for your hair!
  • Shaving gel.

Caring for your pet’s teeth is an important part of responsible pet ownership.  It is an activity in which the entire family can participate.

Dental Care02

Dental Care02

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