Broken Teeth in Pets

February 27, 2013
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Broken Teeth in Pets

Broken Teeth in Pets

As we have domesticated our dogs and cats more and more, I see fewer broken teeth in our office than I had in previous years.  I do see a lot more tooth decay and gum disease due to bad diets, but that’s another story altogether.

Domesticated dogs seem to break their teeth more than our house cats do, simply because they are more aggressive in most cases and they play a lot harder than our feline friends do.  Larger, younger dogs that are very active and in their teething period tend to break their teeth from chewing on household items they should not be messing with.

Here are a few tidbits to watch out for with your dog’s teeth.

  1. Younger dogs chew a lot as their teeth grow and they get bored.  Make certain your friend has good chewing toys to help clean his teeth while occupying his time.
  2. Watch for “doggie breath”, your pet’s breath should not consistently be bad, occasionally it will due to recent activity, but overall not so much.
  3. If Fido has a change in eating habits, it may be due to a tooth that hurts.

Older dogs will lose teeth just like humans do as we age, but for the younger more active generation of dogs, their teeth should not be giving any problems.

I find it amazing how much can be learned from inspecting a dog’s teeth, a lot of potential illness can be avoided with regular inspection and care of the teeth and gums.  Call my office to schedule a cleaning or general checkup, I’ll be happy to inspect your dog’s teeth during the exam.



Dr. Beverly Cannady
Little Mountain Veterinary Clinic

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