Preventing Dental Disease in Dogs

Preventing Dental Disease in Dogs

Preventing Dental Disease in Dogs


Dental health for dogs is just as important as any other health issue that your dog could have and could actually tie in with other health concerns. The health of your dog’s mouth determines if he or she will eat properly and a proper diet is very important to any pet. It’s important to routinely check our dog’s teeth and to take them for a routine teeth cleaning.

If your dog has bad breath, make sure to check for any of the other symptoms:

  • Increased saliva or drooling
  • Issues chewing their food
  • Tarter build-up
  • Red, puffy, or bleeding gums

If your dog is having these symptoms or if they are missing any teeth it’s important to get them into your veterinary office for an in-depth pet dental exam. They will schedule a pet teeth cleaning. Pet teeth cleaning services are outpatient procedures which require the pet owner to drop off their pet in the morning and can pick their pet up in the afternoon, and requires anesthesia. Once under anesthesia, extensive teeth cleaning will be done.

Routine teeth check-ups and cleaning is the best way to prevent dental disease in dogs. At Little Mountain Veterinary Clinic we perform teeth cleaning services for both dogs and cats. If you think that your dog or cat needs their teeth cleaned, bring them in for a visit!



Dr. Beverly Cannady
Little Mountain Veterinary Clinic

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