First of all, welcome to Little Mountain Veterinary Clinic. We look forward to getting to know you and your pet as well as meeting your grooming needs.

Pet grooming is so much more than a bath and a haircut. Good pet health should include regular grooming. A groomer is able to get a very close look at the condition of your pet’s skin and often can see lumps, bumps, rashes, etc. you may not have noticed. An advantage to having your pet groomed here is that Dr. Cannady is always available to consult and offer treatment if we discover a health issue when grooming a pet.

We recommend starting regular grooming when your pet is still very young. This gives us the opportunity to get your pet used to us and  grooming procedures without becoming too stressed. This will insure future grooming appointments go smoothly.

Please call us or drop by Little Mountain Vet Clinic so we can discuss your pet’s grooming needs.

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