Pet Allergies

May 1, 2013
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Pet Allergies

Pet Allergies


Did you know that your dog and cat can suffer from allergies just like we do?  It’s true, the pollen in the air affects everyone not just humans.  So, when you are sniffling and sneezing with your runny nose and stuffy sinus, remember that your pets are also breathing that same pollen filled air and they may feel just as rotten as you do.

There are numerous allergies for animals as well as humans, food allergies, air borne allergies like the pollen I just mentioned and medical allergies as well.  There are numerous side affects you can look for if you suspect air borne allergies with your pet.  Just like you, are they sneezing more than normal?  Do you see an abnormal amount of matter from their eyes?  Do you notice more coughing than usual?  These are signs that your pet may be allergic to the pollen in the air.  We have numerous ways to combat the allergies, but initially we need to determine what your pet is actually allergic to.

In the event you feel your dog or cat is suffering through pollen allergies, call Little Mountain Veterinary Clinic today and schedule an appointment.  We will examine your pet and provide a treatment regime to help them feel better.



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