Your Dog and Ticks

February 17, 2013
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Your Dog and Ticks

Your Dog and Ticks


Ticks carry and transmit disease to your dog, keeping these parasites off your friend is critical to maintaining good overall health.  Ticks will travel from one host to another passing deadly blood borne disease, hence the importance of preventative care.

A tick can use weeds, trees and even grass to clasp upon its unsuspecting victim and bite into the skin to begin feasting on the blood of its host.  Once attached, the parasite can produce eggs which will hatch into more ticks.  A tick may leave its host and travel to another victim, thus passing its infection from one dog to another.

Preventative is the key element to controlling ticks and their dangerous diseases.  Keeping the ticks away from the dog will ensure no tick-borne disease will pass into your friend.

There are many different forms of preventative available:

  1. Chewable tablets: Much like a vitamin or heartworm preventative, a chewable tick preventative is available.
  2. Dips: Long used on the farms around our Denver NC areas, dips are very effective but are very messy and not used for indoor pets.
  3. Controlled Chemicals: Typically used along the back area of the dog, this liquid will infuse into the dogs’ blood stream through the skin.  This is currently the most popular method.
  4. Collars: This type of tick control has faded in use, but still preferred by some.  This small collar is used more for cats than dogs.

Every dog is unique and some methods are more effective for larger or smaller dogs, the best way to decide on tick control is consult with your veterinarian.  I am a firm believer in preventatives, so we carry many different brands and varieties in our office.



Dr. Beverly Cannady
Little Mountain Veterinary Clinic

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